It goes back to twenty years ago when the first enterprise architecture-related project had launched in Iran at the Ministry of Agriculture but the official establishment of enterprise architecture activities was in 2002 when the National Enterprise Architecture Committee had formed. Since then acquiring a full understanding of enterprise architecture challenges in Iran has been a top priority. The National Enterprise Architecture Committee has also played a leading role in enterprise architecture advancement in Iran. As a result, Iran was among top 20 rankings as it ranked 9th in 2004 enterprise architecture activities

Moreover, many doctoral and Master’s dissertations were completed and dozens of research papers were published on enterprise architecture, especially service-oriented enterprise architecture, by computer science professors and graduate students, and this reflects a trend toward enterprise architecture in Iran.

In 2007, enterprise architecture was officially approved as a new graduate degree, which is offered by Shahid Beheshti University. The enterprise architecture master’s degree program equips students with skills and knowledge in enterprise architecture and also help them get ready for real-life EA projects.

Aside from researches and academic achievements, almost a hundred EA projects and IT master plans were carried out in order to answer the demand for IT in both public and private organizations. The success of these projects and also academic achievements have led to Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture (SOEA) laboratory establishment.

Since the launch of Iran Enterprise Architecture Framework (IEAF) project, EA in Iran has received more attention than ever. The first version of IEAF was established in 2016 regarding Iran government’s specific needs and features and provides executive bureaus with reliable and practical guidelines for developing and deploying the enterprise architecture program.